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About Hedgehog’s Home – the Musical

‘Hedgehog’s Home’ is a story about caring for the place you call home. Told through the universal language of music and poetry, this seemingly simple story holds an enduring and important message that we would all do well to remember. The musical adaptation of this classic tale is being presented in London for the first time.

First comissioned by Istros Books in 2012, the musical was workshopped with primary school pupils in Conway Hall. Istros Books then joined forces with Honey-tongued Theatre Productions and the musical was reworked as the first production of Honeybear Youth Theatre.

John Bird wrote about the hugely succesful original workshop in his column in The Big Issue: Read it here

emilyMusical Composer Score

Composer and Musical Director

Originally from Chester, Emily Leather is a repetiteur, musical director, composer and arranger. She trained at The University of Leeds, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati.

Her first full length composition was the musical Gemini for Ocean Youth Theatre Company in Ascot in 2011. Emily’s church music and vocal arrangements, particularly those for acapella octet EL8, are regularly performed throughout the UK.

As a repetiteur Emily has been on staff at Cincinnati Opera, Portland Opera, Kentucky Opera, Opera Manhattan and London Lyric Opera. Emily was Music Director for Opera Up Close’s production of Don Giovanni at the Soho Theatre and La Boheme at the Charing Cross Theatre. She is repetiteur for the Royal Opera House Youth Opera Chorus and regularly runs workshops for Opera North and English Pocket Opera.

Hedgehog’s Home was premiered at the Conway Hall in November 2012.

Musical Composer Score


Hedgemond the Hunter

- where we meet Hedgemond and learn about his brave and feisty character.  The spikiness and scurrying nature of the music represents Hedgemond the Hedgehog.

Down in the wild woods where roads there are none  Hedgemond the Hedgehog is out to have fun With three hundred spikes across his round back Hedgemond the Hunter commences attack

Wolf and ram praise him, and even the bear Knows of brave Hedgemond, a hunter so rare The wolf steps aside, the hawk stands in awe The great patterned snake lets him go before 

Lord of his world, fearsome defender About him they tell stories of splendour Lord of his world, fearsome defender About him they tell stories of splendour


- where Hedgemond is happy in his own home and sings himself to sleep.  But this is also like an anthem in which says he will defend his home from bullies and intruders, which is one of the morals of the story

‘To my own dear house I will faithful be  never exchange you, not for any fee This humble abode is refuge so true To my dying breath I would defend you!’

Instrumental passage

‘To my own dear house I will faithful be never exchange you, not for any fee This humble abode is refuge so true To my dying breath… I would defend you!’

Night Song

- after Hedgemond and Fox have enjoyed a nice meal, night begins to fall and Hedgemond announces he has to go home.  This song starts as a solo, and then repeats as a four-part round to show the slow passage of time and stillness of the night.

Like a velvet shawl laid over the land Outside the window night is at hand Only the flutter of moths flying by The night wind shifting dry leaves through the sky sheets

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