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Hedgehog’s Home

Please meet Hedgemond the Hunter – a brave and stubborn little hedgehog. Down in the wild woods he proudly tends his beloved house, but there are some animals who just can’t understand what the fuss is about: is home simply a place we should take for granted or is it something to be cherished and protected?

This is the story of how Hedgemond proves to the grumpy bear and the greedy boar that there is no place like home. Despite the persuasions of charming Miss Fox and the jeers of the angry wolf, Hedgemond steadfastly proves that his home is his castle, reminding us all that we each need to care for the place we live in.

Hedgehog’s Home (original title: Ježeva kućica) was first published in Yugoslavia the early 1950’s, and since then has gone on to become one of the most popular children’s books in the region: firstly in the Republic of Yugoslavia and consequently in the independent states following the break-up. To the credit of its literary worth, it is still an integral part of the national curriculum for primary school literature in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. This is a story that holds a special significance for so many generations of readers in the region, and it is important to note that ‘Ježeva kućica’ was described by the popular Croatian contemporary writer, Dubravka Ugrešić, as her favourite children’s story.

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The author, Branko Ćopić (January 1, 1915 – March 26, 1984) was a Bosnian writer who lived and worked in the time of Tito’s Yugoslavia. In 1941, he joined the Partisans in their fight against the occupying Nazi forces and remained in their ranks until the end of World War II. That period of his life influenced much of his literary work as can be seen by the themes he later writes about. At the end of the war he returned to Belgrade where he was, until 1949, the director of a children’s magazine called “Pioniri”. From 1951 until his death he was a professional writer. His books have been translated into many European languages and he is considered one of the great writers of the region.

Hedgehog’s Home appeared for the first time in English in 2011, published by Istros Books, translated by S. D. Curtis.

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Susan Curtis-Kojaković has a long relationship with South East Europe, having lived and worked at various stages of my life in Bosnia, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia. Coming from an Arts background, I have worked in schools and adult education centres while pursuing a parallel career in writing ( under the Pen Name, S.D. Curtis). I translate from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian to English and have been involved in two published editions. I re-trained in Publishing and since founding Istros Books I work as director and editor. Since formation, Istros Books has published award-winning writers from Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria, and we hope to go on giving the Balkans a voice in the literary world!

Specialties:Organisational management, translation, editing, literary composition

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Sanja Rešček was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb in 2001. She is recipient of the Rector’s Prize of University of Zagreb, Grigor Vitez Prize in 2003, Audience Award at Interliber – International Book Fair, Zagreb in 2004 and ULUPUH  Welcome Prize. She has illustrated more than twenty children’s story books, including Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: And Other Favourite Nursery Rhymes, Hickory Dickory Dock: And Other Favourite Nursery Rhymes, Touch and Tickle, Daisy’s Rainbow Picnic and Buzzy Bug. She lives and works in Zagreb.

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