Hedgehog’s Home was first workshopped on November 11 and 12 2012 in Conway Hall. It included the Year 5 pupils of Fitzroy Primary School as a part of their curriculum. The children were playing the part of chorus performing with three professional singers. Read more about it here

Composer Emily Leather and her team offer specially-tailored workshops for primary school children, both in the UK and internationally. These workshops can be fitted around the school time table and the budget. The children would be working with the team of professional singers and the composer.

For more information about this offer, please contact the composer:

Some of the comments made by the pupils after the project:

It was best because we were able to work with professionals.
All of us were working as a team performing for our school and parents.
The best thing was creeping up to Hedgehog action because being sneaky is so cool.
Now I feel like doing it every week. Surprises jumped out at every corner and it was awesome.
It was perfect to me.
I want to tell you that I very enjoyed the whole thing and thank you for teaching us.
Can you do it one more time?
I learnt not to think that I am bad at everything because actually I am not. The experience made me realise that.
Once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you.
My parents thought it was amazing and would go and see it again.
My parents thought it was an amazing experience working with professional opera signers.
My parents thought how did we learn so many words.
The best thing about working with the group was the acting because we had lots of fun and could show our personality.

I learnt how to not be scared of performing in front of people and I’m usually scared when I stand up in assembly but now I’m not.

Some of the stills from the original workshop/performance at Conway Hall:

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